​A Beautiful Mind

       Once upon a time there was a boy born in a small village in Gujarat. He was born in an OBC (Other Backward Class) middle class family. During his teenage years, he used to work in a tea stall with his brother at a railway station. He was full of aspirations, dreams and wanted to do something big and become something. He knew he needed some form of education. Therefore, he worked hard and completed his M.Sc. in political science from Gujarat University. During his academic years he joined the RSS and then BJP. Today after years of ‘persistence’, ‘hard work’ and ‘will’ he is the Chief Minister of Gujarat. His name is Narendra Modi. 

         How was all this possible? How can a simple man reach to such heights? This is all because of a simple thing called the ‘Mind Power’. This Mind Power is present in everyone. It is available at everyone’s disposal whether we are aware of it or not or we believe it or not. We are using it in every seconds of our lives. 

         Picture the image of the ocean in your minds. It is beautiful, deep and vast. The ocean has an enormous marine life including planktons, fish, sea plants, oyster, etc. which it can offer to us if we need. We just need to make an attempt to obtain these resources. Sometimes, the ocean is calm and quiet and other times its surface is disturbed with waves and currents. Our mind is just like the grand ocean. It has a vast potential energy accompanied with waves of desire and hope. We must have the will and motivation to use this enormous energy lying latent in the depths of our mind.

        It depends on the individual person how he wants to use his mind power and how much he wants to use it. For example, there is a young man who can do so many things. But rather he would keep complaining about everything and finds excuses with everything. He would fear taking risks. He would think that he has bad luck. This man cannot do much. Why? Because he is giving excuses for everything and not utilizing the full potential. This has been referred to as ‘Excusitis’ by a great philosopher David Shwartz.

          Thus, this power or force of mind can be used for the good or bad, positive or negative, construction or destruction. It can either make you or break you. 

          Sometimes the mind gets filled with wrong and negative thoughts. One must always make an attempt to fill the mind with positive thoughts. Inability to do so can result in many psychosomatic illnesses like depression, anxiety, stress, frustration, psoriasis, irritable bowel disorder, etc. Even the most positive man has to make desperate and strong efforts to replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Even if one does not avhieve that one had aspired for, one would still be in a much better place than not having dreamt of anything at all.

            Franklin D. Roosevelt has rightly said ‘Men and Women are not prisoners of fate, but only prisoners of their own minds’.

              Break the cage of excuses and negativity and fly high up in the sky with full potential just like an Eagle.
       – Dr. (Mrs) Jankhana Mamtora (Hakani)